What is with the little ⍹?

If you have received an email from Weaver recently, you may have started noticing the little “” that appears before the name in the FROM address.  Why is that there?

The “” is for Weaver

Technically, it is not a “w”.   It is a lower case Greek omega with an underline.  Yes, there is a specific unicode character for a little omega with an underline.  Apparently that is used sometimes in math formulas.  Don’t worry, you will not be required to do any math!  We chose it simply because it is a rarely used character, and because it looks like a “w”.

Auto Generated Email

The email is sent from Weaver, but it’s sending was caused by the user you see named after omega.  We went through a iterations on implementation.

  • First, we used the name and email address of the user who caused the email to be sent.  We ran into problems with this because since the email server didn’t really know about those people, certain anti-spam filters would refuse to deliver that email.
  • Second, we used a single name and email address for Weaver (a.k.a. Cognoscenti).  This caused a different problem: none of the users were familiar with that name, and either ignored it, or failed to get it approved by their spam filters.  Plus, all the email appeared to be from one person every though it came from many different workspaces.
  • Third, we used the user’s name along with the email address for weaver.  Since it looked in most mailers exactly like an email from that person, the problem was that a reply would not go to that person.  The reply goes to the server and people were confused about that.
  • Finally, we used the user name, but put a “⍹” in front of it, so that recipients know that this is from Weaver, and specifically from that user of Weaver, but we kept the email address of the server so that the spam filters verify that the email came from the right place and is not spam.

That seems to do a much better job.  It is clear who caused the email.  For example, a person who creates a meeting will be listed as the from address for messages about that meeting.  In many senses it really is from that person sending the email.  In Weaver, if you choose the send email option, the message will have your name in the from box.

At the same time, you can clearly see that it is from Weaver.  If you sort the email by sender, the ones with the “⍹” will appear grouped together, and away from the real messages directly from that person.

We think this is now working in the best way, but make a comment if you want to let us know what you think about this.

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