Weaver is da Bomb

Welcome everyone to the first post on the CircleWeaver blog!

We have been working, quietly, out of view for a couple of years, to bring you what we think is the best support platform for self-managed teams.   It is now time to start telling the world.


You know what the best thing is?  You can use it for free.  The basic level, is available now and forever for free. How does that work?  We are an open source project, and we have people collaborating from all over the world on the development toward a single, simple goal: a platform that self-managed teams can use to get things done!

Teams that use Weaver are changing the world — quite literally.  Do you want to change the world?  Weaver can help you to focus more on your goals, and less on the paperwork.  We want to change the world, by enabling your team to change the world.  That is our goal.

Both “free as in beer” and “free as in speech” at the same time.

Training Videos

This being the first post, we are just starting to get things together, please visit our YouTube channel to get a sneak peek at how you use Weaver, so you can see what you might use it for.

Be sure to visit our YouTube Channel to find the latest.

And check back here often, to find out what we have updated.

One thought on “Weaver is da Bomb”

  1. It’s been very exciting to work on the team developing Weaver. And now it’s ready for you try out!
    One question people ask is:

    Can I just use Weaver without having to follow some format?
    Answer is YES! Weaver offers freeform support for in-person, online, and asynchronous meetings (no more “meeting by long strings of messages”!). Weaver also helps you keep records of your decisions and lets you set up roles – all regular features of any organization! If you would like to use nifty sociocracy meeting tools, they are right there, quietly waiting.

    So, check out Weaver!!

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